Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Blogger Barnet: Vintage Vixen

One of my all time favourite bloggers, Vix (creator of the fantastic Vintage Vixen) has incredible style and even more incredible jewellery. She also is lucky enough to have super long hair. So I thought she was a great choice for my next Blogger Barnet.

Vix, describe your hair in 3 words...
Dark, long and unruly. 

Best hair triumph, or hair moment?
Probably the Spainish-inspired-up-do I created in March to go with a flamenco dress I bought at a jumble sale. No idea how I did it but haven't been able to replicate it since. 

What has been your hair nightmare, or hair disaster?
After landing a swanky managerial job in my early 20's I was persuaded to have my one length waist-skimming hair cut off to my shoulders with an added fringe to compliment my career girl image. The first person I bumped into on the way back from the salon was a biker guy I really fancied who took one look at me and said "Man, you've sold out". It took years to grow it back and I hated the way I looked for ages. 

What's your haircare saviour? 
Lush's solid Karma Komba shampoo and Jungle conditioning bar are the only two hair products I use and I love them. 

You can wake up tomorrow with a celebrities hair (and hairstylist) who would it be?
Amy Winehouse's locks on the cover of the Back To Black album. Best hair ever.  

Any styling secrets or tips?
I've been trimming my own hair using this tutorial I found on-line a year ago: http://feyeselftrim.livejournal.com/2389.html#cutid1

I love the low maintenance routine Vix has, and clearly so does her hair. Looks gorgeous!
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  1. I know that face! Thanks for featuring me, Kelly, I loved answering your questions. I'll link to you when I've blogged! x

    1. :) More than welcome, loved your answers. Big fan of your hair. xx

  2. Oh I wish my hair would grow past my shoulders! Nothing I do will help :(

    Lea x


  3. I love Vix's hair. Mine doesn't suit me so much long, her's is just FAB.

    I will be using the trimming tutorial for sure- my cut is quite simple so I just trim regularly.

  4. Love Vix's creative styles, yet low maintenance routine! somehow I've missed this series of posts, now know what I'll be reading tomorrow morning... xx

  5. What a great feature! I am a huuuuge fan of Vix's style and while I've never paid attention to her tresses, I can see that is part of her glamour- she doesn't waste her time on the unneccesaries but still goes full throttle for the thrills!

  6. Wonderful Vix, and fabulous feature and pics of her.


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