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The Blogger Barnet: Little Blog of Horrors

The lovely, very beautiful Ayden from Little Blog of Horrors is one of the first blogs I followed. If you have a read you'll know Ayden is a VERY busy girl, but always makes time for her family and friends. I love her catch up post's and am in shock over just how much her hair has grown lately! She's such a lovely shiny wee hagis ;) 

Ayden, describe your hair in 3 words...
Versatile, fuzzy, healthy. I'm saying this because despite having dyed it lots over the years, it always stays in the same state/condition as it was when I was younger! Dries into a fuzzball, but is still shiny and happy to cooperate :) Maybe that's thanks to my bossy hairdresser mother! 

Best hair triumph, or hair moment?
Ironically, I think the hair style I've suited the most is the one that saw me through my toddler and primary school years. Dark brown and a block fringe 

What has been your hair nightmare, or hair disaster?
This is the reason I don't drink red wine anymore (or ever) because the first time and last time I indulged in a full bottle was one night at my mums while she cut my hair SUPER short. Dutch courage made me all GO FOR ITTT! But I was so drunk that I got very emotional by the end and spent the night crying at my lost locks. Looking back, it wasn't actually THAT bad.   
What's your haircare saviour? 
I am an absolute hairspray fiend, and TIGI Rockaholic is my favourite hands down! I also love most tigi shampoos, and Paul Mitchell is a great brand too that I've been exposed to for years via my mum and her hair salons. If I'm running low of my salon bought shampoos I'll always go for Aussie to keep me tiding over, and apart from that the only sort of product I use on a regular basis is some sort of Argan oil before I blow dry my hair. I'm also very naughty and tend to wash my hair every day, but when I don't have time or I think I can get away with missing a day Batiste is my go to product. I'd say these brands and products combined are what keep my locks healthy and shiny. 

You can wake up tomorrow with a celebrities hair (and hairstylist) who would it be?
Katy Perry, without a doubt! An absolute babe, I know she wears a lot of wigs but after meeting her in person last year I know there's a pretty head of hair under all the showbiz glamour and dressing up she does :)  

Any styling secrets or tips?
My honest opinion is, if you're gonna do it, then do it right. Of course I've dabbled in home dye, trimming my own big emo fringe etc over the years, which is all good fun for the short term, but I think if you want to make any 'big' changes to your hair you should always take the plunge professionally first. I don't get my mum to cut or dye my own hair anymore because we just argue (Mamma knows best!) But what she has instilled in me are good habits that despite years of dying, still see my hair in a healthy state. For example, I think it's awesome that so many folks have been able to successfully home ombre their hair themselves, but I would actually be too terrified to try this. I know salons can be expensive but if it had went wrong for me and I had to end up getting 2-3 inches of hair chopped off that has been taking me YEARS to grow (re: drunken wine haircut) then I would have been very, very annoyed at myself. My current ombre feels in the exact same condition as the rest of my hair, which is growing so fast as Kelly will agree. So long may that continue :)

I would indeed agree that Ayden's hair is growing super Rapunzel quick! I love the recent pinked up ombre ends, and no doubt because of the love and care Ayden's mum has taught her regarding her haircare, there won't be a split end in site! :) What do you think of Ayden's hair journey?
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  1. Ayden is shockingly gorgeous, I love her with the block fringe, it's super sexy!

    Lea x

  2. Aww thank you so much for this Kel! <3 love you long time! xx

  3. Great post, I'm always super jealous of Ayden's hair. The ombre looks great! x


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