Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lisa Shepherd: Summer Scarf Style Session

I gazed out the window of the train at the grey sky and wondered why on earth I was heading into London for a summer scarf style session with the fabulous Jason Cocking at the Lisa Shepherd Salon. However, I think the summer scarf style session can easily be adapted to fit with the delightful English summer. And it's nice to bring a bit of summer to your hair.
Sat in the chair, Jason explained the idea behind the session, and the looks we'd go through...
  • Festival Femme Fatale - This top knot is perfect festival hair when it's not feeling squeaky clean. Accessorise with a scarf and you are ready to go.
  • Holiday Honey - Totally sold by Jason's description "Perfect for beach hair - whether you're in Brighton or Barbados" Tucks your hair out the way, and you can personalise with tendrils to frame the face.
  • Contemporary Vintage - A real Bardot-esque style. Backcombing at the crown gives you the 'swinging sixties' style and the scarf helps highlight the volume and finish the look.
  • Prettier Plaits - Incorporating a scarf into a plait looks fantastic and is relatively simple to recreate. A great way to turn the simple plait into a casual masterpiece.
I went for the 'Holiday Honey' as I've always struggled putting my hair up with the scarf tied around. I always end up looking either like a 'fishwife' or the scarf slips off during the day. Jason went through how to create volume and how to ensure how to get your hair to hold. I loved the sections he left down to frame my face and I can confirm it stayed put through my journey home (sadly I got an absolute soaking so the drowned scarf style isn't as pretty!)
I got to keep the gorgeous red scarf I'd picked out the box and have already used it to recreate the 'Festival Femme Fatale' and know I'll be giving the rest a go during the next few months.
Massive thanks to Lisa Shepherd and Inkling for the session, was lovely to meet Jason, who turns out is from Swindon - not a million miles from my hometown. He picked up my accent straight away.
If you fancy visiting the Lisa Shepherd Salon then either pop on to the website or call 0207 467 9560.


  1. Ahhh I love a headscarf and have been know to try all these looks - the 50s housewife stylee one is my fave though. You chose a very pretty scarf! x

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  2. What great ideas, I've a suitcase crammed with scarves and now I'm inspired x

  3. Love this look on you, I've started wearing this more and more lately. We have to wear something fancy in our hair fr work so its perfect xx


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