Monday, 16 July 2012

Blonde-y Hell!

When I saw these pictures of Tulisa's new hair colour, I couldn't quite believe it. Gone was the gorgeous brunette hue, to be replaced with a champagne, sandy blonde courtesy of Jamie Stevens salon. She even fooled the paps wearing a dark bobbed wig when she left the salon to avoid gettting snapped with her new look.
Tulisa has hit the bleach before and started her career as an icy blonde before going darker. Of course we had the ill-advised streak for the X Factor, but you have to agree she suits the brunette colouring.
It's a drastic change, but maybe Tulisa felt the need to 'freshen' up her look after the recent sex tape scandal. Personally I prefer her with darker hair, I feel it suits her colouring better, and her hair looks really healthy and full of shine. I just hope she uses some intensive conditioning treatments whilst she's away in Ibiza to avoid her new colour drying out.
What do you think of Tulisa's hair change? Should she have stuck to brunette or do you love the blonde?


  1. I agree with you, I think her darker hair suited her more. Xo

  2. I preferred the brunette locks but it does look quite sweet. x

  3. Way better darker and I'm usually very pro-blonde. It looks quite a brassy blonde to me...

  4. I love her blonde hair but it doesnt suit her at all, dark hair looks so so much better on her! xx


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