Thursday, 28 June 2012

Things my bank would rather I not buy...

After being on a very successful spending ban for the last few months, I decided after all my hard work I ought to treat myself. So I did. Lots.
I must admit, I'm a sucker for an online sale. ASOS and Urban Outfitters are two of my favourites, the latter due to the fact it's horrendously over-priced the majority of the time.
Firstly ASOS, I could have gone mad, but after filling my online basket, I did the same as I do whilst shopping, put most back as I talk myself out of it. This happens more when you have a mortgage and bills. :) In the end I went for a jukebox print shirt, and a pyjama jacket. I've wanted a pyjama style jacket since I saw Julia Roberts wear one in Notting Hill (when she goes for dinner at Will's friends) and I love the colour. And you can't beat a shirt with jukeboxes on it. I do love a 'novelty' print.
The Urban Outfitters sale, I let out a whoop when I saw this throw in the sale. I love the print and it looks great against our couch pattern. Perfect for using to wrap up and watch a film on the evening. It did smell rather strange though, so needed an airing and febreezing before it was couch ready.
I also went for this Silence + Noise Floral Block Tank, which from the front looks pretty normal, but the back - hello! It's a strange feeling, but it'll also be nice to show off my tramp stamp tattoo which never really sees the light of day. You can always wear a vest top underneath to cover up a bit.
Alas I've got the Disco bug. The American Apparel trouser every blogger and their dog has (would quite like to see my two in a pair of disco pants, imagine they'd look like a weird hairy wrestler) I couldn't really justify paying out for the real things, so when I saw these on Gemma's blog, I couldn't resist. Two pairs purchased and I'm very happy with them. I went for classic Black and Blue Grey, and for the price they are great. Although tall ladies beware, I'm 5'7 and they are just avoiding a camel toe situation. Shipping is free, and it took around 18 days for my order to arrive. Not too bad seeing as it's from China! They cost around £6.00 which is about a tenth of the AA version, I know the AA's are the original and I'd imagine much better quality but if you want to try out the style, this is perfect. Here's the link to the seller.
 Phew, that's me shopped out for a bit, although I am ebaying some of my stuff so I like to call it recycling. What do you think of my bargain purchases? and what have you been buying recently?


  1. It's like the Eighties never happened! What a crazy bunch of prints, love them! Those leggings were a right find. x

  2. That line about hairy wrestlers has had me full on belly laughing for the past ten minutes... bravo! The throw looks lovely and I love the disco pants on you!

    Maria xxx


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