Monday, 25 June 2012

Snippets #2

Think I should just rename this 'I love my dogs, and would happily wear a fleece with their picture on' :) 
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The weekend has flown by, and scarily the year seems to be going pretty quick too. Friday was exactly a year until we are getting married! So strange to think the ceremony will be over by now and we'll be no doubt 'smiling for the camera' about this time. Still so much to do - more wedding stuff coming soon.
Andy went fishing Thursday and Friday, and took our puppy Percie along with him for some 'lads bonding' This means Holly and I have had the delights of a clean house, and no annoying boys. She's loved it - poor Hols is getting on a bit now so she enjoys a little chill out time.
The girls came round for dinner Thursday night, I cooked fajitas and we had a lovely catch up - although I do think they only come round for Andy's cooking. :) Friday was a takeaway (seriously I'm all about food!) and relax with Holly as I was in London for my journalism course. 
 Saturday I was running around like a mad thing, over to Maida Vale for my News & Features journalism course, then over to Andy's sisters for a lovely meal and I got to see some of his granddad's sketches. Amazingly talented guy.
Sunday was a trip to Leighton Buzzard to see a friend who's just moved into the most gorgeous house, complete with secret garden! Lasagne and laughter, and a stickyweed fight thrown in made it a lovely day. Think the majority of us know what happened Sunday night. Not the result I had hoped for, but England overall played as a team, and showed signs of progression from previous dreadful performances. One point though, why oh why did Ashley Cole have to step up for a penalty. Bad decision. And another thing, there have been some DREADFUL haircuts out on the pitch.

How have your weekends been? Did you watch the football?

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  1. Don't mention the football, or the weather!! It's turning out to be a bit of a crap summer, isn't it? Great pictures, feel free to mention your gorgeous hounds as much as you like. x


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