Monday, 11 June 2012

Rollercoaster of Love, Say What?

A hair-raising treat today for you. I'm taking part in the Clynol Hair Raising Competition, and need to get creative with a little help from Clynol Grip extra strong hairspray. I've used the hairspray in the past on clients hair so know it's not going to budge once I've sprayed it into shape.
I always have a little look for ideas and inspiration and put them together to get an overall look of what I want for my finished look. My inspiration mood board ended up something like this...
It definitely held my hair in place, and I can confirm this held up through a playfight with the dogs. No mean feat! I would use this hairspray on slick, polished looks that require a finish with no hair out of place.
So what do you think of my high impact look? 
Definitely not for the faint hearted, but I suppose rollercoasters are for the brave...


  1. I really like this, very dramatic but definitely wearable! x

  2. That looks absolutely brilliant, how fabulous do you look?
    I'm in love with the alien doughnut style, I'd definitely wear mine like that if I had the ability! x

  3. For such an extreme concept, this is so pretty and wearable. Really like it!:)


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