Saturday, 16 June 2012

"I work out!!"....

No really, I do! I've been going the gym for around a year now after getting fed up with my current body shape. I'm not overly big, just too big for my frame and wanted to get my flabby bum in gear ready for my wedding. General fitness was also a concern, at 27 getting to the top of the stairs and thinking 'Wow, tough workout' may have prompted my gym induction.
My family unfortunately isn't graced with the best of health so knowing that if I start now and continue I'll be giving myself the best chance for a healthy heart and body, I signed up for membership. It's not cheap, £35 per month, this includes going to the gym as many times as I want and swimming whenever I choose.
Please be advised, I am fully aware of how silly I look... :)

And I LOVE it. I can honestly say it has completely changed my attitude to exercise, I look forward to going, and now I've begun to see the benefits it has certainly encouraged me to up my exercise and I've started to look at entering 5k, 10k races building up to half marathons. I tend to go in the evenings, and at weekends, usually about 4/5 times a week. If I have plans or know I'm going to be dashing around London I'll give it a miss (charging for a train usually gives me a good cardio workout) I have 3 'workouts' to make sure I don't get bored, all are varied with weights and cardio. I've lost over a stone in weight, and definitely toned up. It's not until I look at old photos I realise just how much my body shape has changed.
*edit* If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen I have a suspected stress fracture to my foot so currently the gym is a no-no. :( I'm itching to get back though.
Won't go this far though. Bit scary. 

What do you do to keep fit? Are you a gym bunny, or do you prefer the great outdoors for exercise?


  1. Ha! I just blogged about Jodie Marsh yesterday. I couldn't go that far cause I love my food too much but I would definitely like to be more muscley. I think it is there - just lurking under the flab!

    1. Think we've definitely all got it, just I chose to hide mine under a well nourished jacket of chub. :)

  2. I found that when I went to the gym, the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it as I saw the benefits, such a boost! I am very, very lazy however, and don't do toooo much at the moment. I used to go running, but I now have no stamina and don't want to start again cos I'll look silly! x
    Sirens and Bells

    1. Katy, don't feel you'd look silly, I fell off the rowing machine when u first went to gym!! :)
      It's definitely once you get going, the easier it is. Just pushing for the start. x

  3. You look bloody gorgeous and a fine example of how great exercise is for you!
    I have to do something every day or my joints just seize up. I use my Wii Fit religiously, walk everywhere and swim. x


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