Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cheryl Fringe Frenzy...

Ok, maybe a tad dramatic and leaves you with thoughts of girls in packs descending on highstreet salons clutching pictures of Chezza but you get the picture.
Cheryl gets a fringe, we all want a fringe. 
(well I do, it looks gorgeous)

Cheryl (don't call her Cole, the surname is gone - although I think the tatt might still be there?!) popped back onto the music scene recently with 'Call My Name' and showed off a heavy slightly parted fringe. Cheryl always tends to go back to the age-old celeb style, long and fake, so it's nice to see a bit more style at the front. Cheryl is lucky to have a face shape to suit this type of fringe, but don't worry there is a fringe for most face types....
  • A sweeping side fringe will suit those who want to slim a round face, or soften a strong jawline. Round, square and oval face shapes look great with a side fringe.
  • Heavy, blunt fringes can overpower petite features. They can look great on ladies who worry about a high forehead. If you have a petite face, and really want a heavy fringe, go for the Cheryl and part it to  break up the blunt look.
  • Smaller, petite faces look fab with a shorter fringe that hits above the brow line. Chopping into a fringe helps break up heavy lines and give texture to a hairstyle.
It reminds me of Brigitte Bardot's hair, and has a really seductive look about it. 
I love it. What do you think?


  1. love her parted style fringe... i've been makeshifting my own one for ages and need to jump and get it properly cut in! xxx

  2. I really her hair at the minute

  3. I love her hair here;I hated it when she went blonde!

  4. I love her hair here, I definitely agree there's a Brigitte Bardot sense about it! x
    Sirens and Bells

  5. I love her hair here, that kind of fringe is so sexy, but that in-your-eyes thing would drive me nuts. x

    1. True Vix, I must admit whenever I get a fringe it drives me mad after a few days. :)

  6. I love it too - I'm getting a fringe cut in after I'm a bridesmaid in July. I'm trying to keep my hair sensible and easy to put up at the min and it's driving me mad!

  7. While I'm not a Cheryl fan at all, I do like her new fringe! I get such fringe envy as I have quite course unruly hair that needs to be long to stay in check and a tiny forehead so fringes just don't work for me. x


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