Thursday, 7 June 2012

Blow them Away: ghd air

When you think straighteners and the last few years or so, ghd are definitely at the top. They've decided to go for the complete set and introduce the ghd air hair dryer, it carries all the spec of a professional hairdryer, and going on their reputation I'd imagine it'll be a hit.
She’s got the perfect silhouette; amazing lines and curves in all the right places. She’s the envy of the others – stylish, smart, fresh, cool and commanding. Everybody’s talking about her. The music starts, the lights go down, a hush falls upon the front row. The time has come to make her debut. She strides out, confident and powerful. The flashbulbs are blinding; the applause is deafening. Meet our new supermodel, ghd air.
ghd brand ambassador Katy Perry always looks amazing the promo shots - this one is no exception. Shot by the legendary David LaChapelle, Katy is transformed into a shimmery mermaid. How beautiful does she look?! I love the thought and imagery that goes into each ad campaign. Previous for the Scarlett Collection, and the Iconic Eras are just as gorgeous - definitely have a google. It'll give you hair/body/face/wardrobe* envy. To be a mermaid eh. :) 

*delete where aplicable. I'm all four!
I'm always looking on the ghd website for style inspiration, the Stylist Feed section is fab for picking up ideas, and getting advice from stylists. You can pick up how to use straighteners to create different looks, and they often have celeb inspired looks. 
The ghd air hairdryer is available online for £99.00 (inc free delivery for UK)
 Do you like the look of the ghd air? 

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  1. The ridiculous thing is however, is that that pink hair is a wig. So I severely doubt that the hairdryer has been anywhere near it!

    Lea x


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