Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Blogger Barnet: Pearls & Poodles

Since I've been reading Pearls & Poodles, Milly has seemingly been every colour under the sun. From a deep brunette to icy blonde - with Rihanna red inbetween, she is lucky to be able to suit any hair colour that takes her fancy.
As part of me being an ultra-nosy hair geek, I've decided to ask some of my favourite bloggers about their hair, and their styling secrets.  So, read on to learn more about this bloggers barnet...
Milly, describe your hair in 3 words...
Monica in Barbados

Best hair triumph, or hair moment?
My greatest hair moment was probably discovering hair straighteners in the late 90s! My greatest hair triumph was realising that life's too short to be slaving over hair straighteners and I should just embrace my natural curls.

What has been your hair nightmare, or hair disaster?  
Two particular experiences spring to mind. Attempting to cut my own fringe in when I was about ten - that did not end well. And thinking I was some sort of Rastafarian when I was a teenager and getting full on dreadlocks done...twice!

(I think I speak for everyone when I say - picture of the dreadlocks please!)

What's your haircare saviour?
Moroccan Oil without a doubt.

You can wake up tomorrow with a celebrities hair (and hairstylist) who would it be?
Maybe Gisele Bundchen. Her hair is magnificent - so long and flowing! Can I have her face too please?

Any styling secrets or tips?
To help my hair dry as curly as possible, I avoid brushing my hair after I've washed it. Instead I comb it through whilst the conditioner is on, rinse it clean and then wrap my hair up in a towel. After a few minutes I lightly scrunch some Moroccan Oil into my hair and then let it dry naturally. I find if I brush my hair after washing it,it drags all the curls out and doesn't dry quite as big and bouncy as I'd like! 

I think we'd all say Milly looks gorgeous with her natural curls.
Hope you enjoyed the first of the Blogger Barnet series. 
Keep reading for another of my fave bloggers soon. 


  1. Milly's blonde curls look great, I'm so envious of anyone with naturally curly hair! x

  2. Millie's hair is gorgeous, oh for curls like that! x

  3. i really want her hair! :( x

  4. Her hair is SO gorgeous! Love her 3-word description of it too :)

    Becky | x


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