Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Battle of the Volumising Mousse

So it seems we all want big hair, gone are the days when poker-straight hair ruled, and we seem to be more inclined to pump up the volume with an array of products.
Battling it out for top volumising mousse are two high street products that are very popular. Aussie Dual Personality, Aussome Volume & Conditioning Mousse and Lee Stafford Ddouble Blow Volumizing Mousse both promise to volumise, time to find out which is best...
*ding ding, round 1*
Price is right?
The Lee Stafford mousse is £5.49 for 200ml which I think is reasonable. You need half a handful each time you apply, so it lasts a while, making it good value for money. Most of the time, Boots have offers on the Lee Stafford range so it's definitely worth stocking up when they do.
The Aussie mousse is £4.89 for 150ml, which I think is also reasonable. Supermarkets often run promotions on Aussie haircare, so again I'd advise taking advantage and popping some away in the cupboard.
Working out on a cost per ml, Lee Stafford pips Aussie to the post. The pink tin comes out on top!
Winner: Lee Stafford

Smelling fine?
Both ranges are known for their gorgeous scents, and these two products are no exception. 
As I've mentioned previously with Lee Stafford products, it's got that 'marmite' effect with people. Both have a strong scent, both in my opinion are amazing. Lee Stafford's mousse scent will linger in your hair, meaning your do get a waft of it during the day which is great as it makes you feel as if your hair is fresh and clean. 
The Aussie mousse has a lovely fragrance, as with all their products. Whenever I smell any of the Aussie range it always makes me think of natural, lovely ingredients (even though it isn't 100% natural) The mousse contains Australian Wild Cherry Bark Extract, and has a fresh, flowery smell.
Winner: Lee Stafford

Packaging eye-catching or off-putting?
This really depends on whether you are a fan of pink. As many of you are aware, Lee Stafford's packaging is pink and proud! Personally I like it, and as I don't have all my hair lotions and potions on display, it's hidden away. I do find it easier to spot Lee's products in Boots though, which I think is a great selling point.
Aussie have an inoffensive white and purple theme with the cute kangaroo. It's simple and I love the way they give the information in a fun way on the back. Cute captions and quirky descriptions keep up with the carefree 'Aussie' lifestyle. Nozzle-wise, I do prefer the Aussie one. It's your standard dispenser which works well, and doesn't clog. The Lee Stafford mousse unfortunately has a smaller nozzle and I have to say, I know it's only a small thing, but it makes a big difference.
Winner: Aussie
Give it some oomph!
The most important factor. Does it actually give your hair the volume it promises?
Ddouble Blow Mousse is slightly different from the Aussie due to the fact you can add this twice - once when you have damp hair, once when it's dry. Meaning your hair gets twice the chance to 'big it up'. Even when using the Lee Stafford mousse once with damp hair, I definitely notice a boost in my hair. I find it great for when I curl my hair, and want a bit of a bigger do.
Dual Personality leaves my hair with more of a bounce, however I feel it's just more of a clean hair feel rather than any extra oomph. I do however love the moisturising element to the mousse, it makes my hair feel conditioned from root to tip - which is great, but quite often when hair is shiny and moisturised it tends not to hold its volume.
Both are non-sticky, which is exactly what you want from a mousse, and don't leave the hair feeling heavy.
Winner: Lee Stafford

Overall I'd say if you want a natural, light boost, then go for Aussie. If you want a slightly more noticeable boost, then it's Lee Stafford all the way. I think for fine hair the Ddouble Blow mousse would be great as it doesn't weigh hair down and as you can apply twice, you'd get double the 'oomph' But for curly hair, the Aussie mousse would work well due to the moisturising element.
Have you tried either mousse? What would you like the next product battle to be?


  1. I've used both of these and agree with your thoughts, the Aussie mousse is perfect for everyday but I use the Lee Stafford one for occasions when I want a more volumised, if slightly less natural, look. x

  2. ooh I could do with trying these out, my hair is soo flat! x

  3. Hehe - love this battle. I've not tried either but recently I've been using a Charles Worthington volumising mousse I got in Home Bargains!! It is quite decent actually - my hair does benefit from a good mousse nowadays so I'll be considering the Lee Stafford one on your recommendation next time I need to stock up xx


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