Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wonderful Wedding Hair

I LOVE doing wedding hair. 
From the initial trial to the day, it makes me smile seeing a gorgeous bride and her wedding party celebrate a special day with lovely hair. I love the creativity it gives me and the pride I feel seeing my work in photos that will be treasured for years to come.
The latest wedding hair appointment saw me travelling back to the West country to help Kate, Rebecca and Katie look beautiful on Kate's big day. I've known Rebecca since we were at primary school so it was an honour to be asked to do her big sister's hair on the day.
The bride went with a traditional style, half the hair was pinned to create some curls in the centre of the head, the other half secured into a low bun as the veil was sitting just above it. I used some of my trusty pearls to finish the pinned curls at the top section, Kate was given a pretty blue pin to wear on the day so I popped this in the middle. Kate had a gorgeous hair slide rather than a tiara which sat beautifully on the side of her head.
 The bridesmaid each went for the same style, a side-swept bun with french plait on the underneath. The top section was folded and secured so it looked like drapes of fabric overlapping one another. Curls helped give it a bit more of a glamourous look. Finished with a lovely clip and some pieces to frame the face.
So that was my Saturday morning! I'm staying in the West country for the rest of the weekend as Hols and Percie have been wanting to visit for ages (they love having a run around) and it's lovely catching up with my family. If you do want to follow what I get up to hairdressing, eating, dogs and shoes then I now have instagram! Feel free to follow (it's klghair) and leave yours below and I can take a nose at your pics. :)
What do you think of the bride's look? And what about the bridesmaids barnets?


  1. These styles look gorgeous. I love the bride's hair slide. x

    1. Thank you! Bride's hair slide was gorgeous, delicate but just enough to finish the hair. x

  2. i love the bridemaid's hair especially, it is so pretty. You clever bean - you did a beautiful job xx

    1. Thanks Milly, I do like being called a clever bean. :) x

  3. They look beautiful, the hair is fabulous! Hope you had a wonderful West Country weekend. x


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