Monday, 14 May 2012

Take a Look: Paul Mitchell: Express Ion Dry® V2

I said goodbye to my old hairdryer recently, and welcomed a new one. Introducing the Express Ion Dry V2*. Sleek, silver and super at drying hair. A hairdryer is a crucial part of styling, get it right and you have a good base to either continue styling your hair, or leave it for a glossy, bouncy style that should stay put.
  • Express Ion Complex™ creates shiny, hydrated results.
  • 1875-watt professional AC motor.
  • 3 temperatures/2 speed settings and a self-locking cool shot button.
  • Styling nozzle with Express Ion Complex™.
  • Salon length cable.
  • Warranty
It's essential to me that I have good equipment when out and about styling, I like to be able to offer clients the best service possible, in the best time possible. The promise to dry hair 60% faster isn't a lie, it really does dry hair faster, and leaves it with great shine. I also feel that due to it's technology you are getting the best blowdry you can at home, it's really up there with other top brands. My only slight moan is the fact it's quite heavy, whilst this doesn't bother me I can imagine some my find it difficult if not used to styling hair. Whilst the price is high at £99.95, I know this hairdryer will last me. I'd imagine I'd get at least 10 years service out of this, so that breaks down as about £10 a year.
 Do you like the look of the Paul Mitchell dryer?

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