Thursday, 31 May 2012

Stick 'em up punk!...

I saw these on Zoe's blog the other day, and thought what a fantastic idea and so cute.
Bet they don't do staffs though. But they did! 
(if you didn't already know, I have two staffs, both of whom I adore)
Janchristie Designer Nail Art is the brilliant idea of Mandie & Christine. After being bored of the nail stickers available they decided to start making their own. Starting out on Ebay, they now have their own online shop stuffed full of nail stickers and other pretty nail accessories.
Whether you want dogs, cats, flowers and maybe some geese you can find a sticker to pop on your nail. I, of course, went for the sitting staffordshire bull terrier and the trio of geese silhouette (which my nan will no doubt be having on her nails this weekend) All photos are their own, and they even use pictures of dogs from the Chancepixies Animal Rescue centre which they support. You can also get your own pets and photos on stickers! Personalised to whatever you want to see on your nails. Amazing, might get some of Andy's face to freak him out. :)
Delivery was super speedy, and after ordering Monday, they arrived Wednesday. For a very reasonable £1.80  per sheet (each sheet has 24 stickers on, in different sizes for your nails) + 70p P&P (dependant on weight) it's totally worth it for a fun look. You even get some samples to practice with!
Application is simple, start with painting your nails whatever colour you like, although they do recommend lighter colours to show the stickers off. Then cut around the design, and peel away from the brown paper backing, use tweezers to do this. Place gently on nail and smooth out to remove bumps, keep the edges of the sticker as far away from the nails edge as possible to avoid them catching and peeling.
I popped two of the staffy stickers on my thumbs after painting with Nails Inc Porchester Square. I think the mushroom beige really shows off the black staff (which looks a little like Percie!) I keep showing mine to the dogs but don't think they are going to get a picture of me on their claws. Clearly think I'm crazy, and far too busy watching TV or lounging in the garden.
What do you think of Janchristie? What would you have on yours?


  1. Wow,wow, wowo! I want some now! How fabulous are they and such a great price, love the little Staffies almost as much as I love your real ones! x

  2. They are fab aren't they! And they even survive the washing up. :) x


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