Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Salon Surgery - Sleeping Beauty

If you are lucky enough to have a gorgeously thick, long mane of hair then you may suffer from this problem. Waking up from your slumber with hair that looks like a caveman's, trying to brush and struggling due to knots and tangles?
How can you prevent your hair getting tangled and the stress and damage you can cause by trying to detangle?
Invest in a silk pillowcase - Proven to avoid the snagging cotton pillowcases can cause a silk pillowcase can help smooth hair. Other benefits include not absorbing natural moisture from face and hair.
Try a silk scarf - If you don't fancy trying a pillowcase, how about wrapping a silk scarf around your hair before bed. Same benefits as above, and you'll look pretty glam whilst you snooze!
Moisturise - Make sure you condition your hair, and use a intensive hair treatment once a week. Making sure your hair is in the best condition it can be will help avoid tangles.
Braided Bedtime - If you have long hair, try plaiting/braiding) it before bedtime. Do this loosely and tie with a piece of fabric rather than a band to avoid damage. If you don't fancy waking up with waves, then try a ponytail with fabric ties down the length to keep hair under control.
Detangle Drama - Prepare your hair by detangling BEFORE going to bed, use a Tangle Teezer or wide tooth comb to remove any knots. If you find your hair is knotty when you wake, use the Tangle Teezer again to gently remove knots without damaging.
Keep it Clean - Removing hair products before going to bed is wise if you've been styling your hair using hairspray and gels. Try using a clarifying shampoo every now and again to help battle build up.

Hopeful this Salon Surgery should help you get a more peaceful night's sleep.
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  1. My hair used to be a knotty nightmare until I went back to using Lush's Karma Comba, it's just brilliant for my hair. x


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