Friday, 18 May 2012

Forget Vajazzle, it's all about the Hajazzle...

Amy Childs certainly is learning a thing or two from Katie Price on how to get the most column inches when launching a new product. Gem encrusted see through catsuit anyone?! Her most recent foray into the world of beauty is aimed at beautifying our hair one twinkly gem at a time.
(LOVE the wig Amy is wearing, it's from Annabelle's Wigs and is the Alison Bob.)
Vajazzles have been around for a while now thanks to the TOWIE bunch, but is seems Amy isn't content with just down there looking blingtastic, her new Hair Vajazzles promise to leave hair sparkling. Surely it should be called the Hajazzle though?!
As Amy says "I put the body vajazzle on the map so now I have created my very own Hair Vajazzle range. They add glitter and sparkle to your hair, so are amazing for parties – I love them!"
Now I've seen Hair Dazzle which looks fantastic and has been spotted on a whole host of celebs, but for me Hair Vajazzles just seems gimmicky. I think for parties and fancy dress they would work, and no doubt kids will love them. My only concern is when the wind blows, will the gems be lost in a blustery blast? 
Would you go for a Hair Vajazzle? 
Or do you think Amy is one vajazzle short of a...well you know where I'm going...


  1. Couldnt agree more they should definitely be called hajazzle. I don't really get these, I would never add tacky gems to my hair and I just think it looks like litter in your hair. There was something similiar to this launched back in the 90's and thats where it should have stayed lol xx :o)

  2. I remember those glittery hair tattoos and jewels that were around in the 1990s and didn't like them, tacky and pointless. I'm not sure who Amy Childs is but she looks like the love child of Jordan and a blow-up doll. That jumpsuit is horrid! xxx


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