Sunday, 27 May 2012

Afternoon Tea with Davina & Garnier...

(Sometimes I have to pinch myself, and this week I had a big pinch sesh) 
Tuesday afternoon I popped along to the Soho Hotel (seriously want to live in that place!) for tea and beauty chat with the very lovely Davina McCall.
The main purpose of the chat was to discuss the Ultralift Challenge. The 14 day challenge is back, and Garnier are wanting you to get involved and try it out. Lots more on this, and where you need to go to sign up in June.
BUT you know I had to ask Davina about her hair right?! 
Davina's hair was looking lovely, and I was incredibly surprised when she told me that her hair and styling just don't go together. She's a low maintenance hair girl. (jealous)
She doesn't own a pair of hair straighteners and goes around 3 days without needing to wash her hair (obviously if she's working then it may be less than that with products used etc)
Of course she uses Garnier Nutrisse (shade 5.3 if you'd like to get the same colour) and apart from that it's simply left after washing. Davina is lucky enough to have naturally straight hair, and because of her hectic lifestyle and the super-styling she gets when working she doesn't want to put her hair through more stress.
It was great to meet her, and I even got a hug - none of your normal hugs from Davina, this was a full 'I'm going to hug you also!' She's a beaut (Yup, little bit in love with her) and we laughed about everything from botox to naked break-dancers.


  1. Get you hobnobbing with the slebs! Davina looks gorgeous but there again, so do you! x

    1. Thanks Vix. :)
      Was a tough challenge getting my picture with Davina, she's gorge! xx

  2. LOVE the pic of you and Davina - you both look gorge!! Sounds like she was a real sweetie, which is nice to hear as she always comes across really well on the telly-box. Interesting that she is a low maintenance hair gal, her hair always looks really healthy. xxx


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