Wednesday, 11 April 2012

No heels or jewels, makes a boring stylist?

Policing of high heels, and jewellery could soon be common place for stylists in salons across the UK thanks to EU Coiffure (a group of European salon bosses) and UNI Europa Hair & Beauty (union for European hairdressers) They are due to sign an agreement this month meaning there would be new rules in place for salons and their staff.
Under the new regulations, high heels and jewellery would be banned (including wedding bands and watches) and salon management would need to ensure staff had a limit to the amount of clients seen in a day. There are also guidelines for salon staff to engage in 'social dialogue' to encourage 'mental wellbeing'
The health and safety side of things I understand, as jewellery can cause dermatitis and you run the risk of infection and hair splinters. With hair cuttings on the floor, and the chance of split products, wearing heels can be a risk of injury. I don't understand how some stylists can do it, I have to wear flats or low heels mainly due to the fact when I'm styling I need to be able to move around quickly and not worry about being on my feet all day. But it's preference of the stylist surely? If they feel capable of carrying out their job wearing heels then they should right? (And I'd like to know their secret!)
I love seeing my stylist wearing what they want, and would want the same if I worked in a salon. I think it shows the stylist you are getting, and gives an idea of their personality.
Part of the proposal would see salons ask staff to limit the number of services carried out during a working day for fear of 'emotional collapse' (not too sure what they mean by this!) Currently most salons will have stylist columns meaning time is booked on the service being done. Salons often work on a tight time schedule, and some stylists hire chairs in salons meaning if the rules were put into place it would hinder the amount of clients seen in a day, something which many stylists aren't happy about.
I can't see how they'd enforce the regulations, with hundreds of salons across the UK, would we see a one style for all, with generic uniforms rolled out? Employment minister Chris Grayling has promised to do everything in his power to stop the regulations coming into effect saying 'We should be creating jobs, not killing them. This kind of stupidity has to stop. It makes no sense and I will do everything I can to stop it'
If you are a stylist and work in a salon, do you wear a uniform? 
Or are you encouraged to express your creativity through the way you dress?
Would it bother you as a client? Do you want to see stylists in uniform?


  1. I don't work in the hair industry but I've had the same said about wearing heels in my workplace, it's crazy! When I do get my hair cut I'd much prefer stylists to not wear a uniform as you do get to see their personality - and surely that makes it a better working place? x

    1. Kate, I agree with you, it's nice getting an idea of the stylists personality and for them to be relaxed and happy.

  2. I don't work in the hair industry but I think these ideas are ridiculous. Not only do they hinder a haridressers work but also thier own personal style which often creates a fantastic relationship between hairdresser and client. I wouldnt want my stylist to look like everyone else, I like that she's creative and unique. xx :o)

    1. Great comment, and agree, showing off personality through style definitely makes a stylist and client happy. x

  3. Found you on! Following and hoping to find inspiration for my hair! Lots of great reading to do here!

    1. Hi Sue!
      Thanks for following, hope I can help. :)
      If you've got any hair questions then feel free to ask away. x

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