Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nails Inc-redible!

*warning beautiful pictures heavy!*
For a long time Nails Inc have held a special place in my heart. My nails love their polishes, and when I got an invite to check out a new range being launched, they practically typed the RSVP themselves.
Now rather than just do a normal post, I thought I'd break out the video camera to have a chat about the ranges showcased, old and new. It'll also give you the chance to see my sparkly nails courtesy of Nails Inc From magnets, to sprinkles Nails Inc have the lot this year for you.
The whole event was really well put together and the Nails Inc ladies are really passionate about the ranges and ideas behind them. Obviously it's their job to help us fall in love with the polishes, but it seemed easy for them, just by telling us what they thought and the inspiration for certain colours and designs I was sold.
Click on the picture to go watch the video...
What do you think of the new range? Any colours take your fancy?


  1. Looks like a great event! Hope you had/ are having a great weekend

    Emma xo

  2. What a wicked event! The polishes look stunning! Lucky girl :o) x

  3. Some of these are great, I love the fishnet magnet look! I'm going to have to have that!

    Lea x


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