Sunday, 15 April 2012

HOTN: Big Ombre

Saturday night was made for a lovely meal out with family. I wore my hair with a bounce. My weapons of choice were the following...
Babyliss Big Hair Styler, Lee Stafford Ddouble Blow Mousse, L'Oreal Mythic Oil, Aussie Dual Personality Volume + Gloss Spray
And this is the result...
I love the finish the styler gives me. My hair feels so soft and natural, but still has a style to it. I use the Big Hair Styler once my hair is 80% dry, you can use it from wet, but I prefer using it to finish hair. The Mythic Oil has been a saviour to my bleached ends, and if you want volume I really recommend Lee Stafford's Ddouble Blow Mousse. I finished with a spray of Aussie Dual Personality Hairspray to keep it in place (and because it smells fantastic!)
What do you think? How did you wear your hair this weekend?


  1. Your hair looks so glossy and healthy Kel! I like the idea of those styler things but think I should wait until my hair is longer before I consider investing! How did I wear my hair this weekend? Under a headscarf...I need it doing soooo bad! xxx

  2. Your hair looks so shiny and healthy!! I keep toying with the idea of ombre but think my hair might be a bit too dark to pull it off, yours looks lovely!


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