Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hair Envy: Victoria Beckham

When I first lay eyes on these shots of Victoria Beckham in Beijing I just thought 'gorgeous hair' 
I love Victoria with shorter hair, or when she wears her hair up, the soft look of this plait is the perfect antidote to her sharp styling. The height at the crown with tendrils to frame look really pretty, and chunkiness of the plait gives a casual, carefree finish.
This look was seen all over the Spring Summer catwalks and is perfect for hazy summer days (I know I'm being incredibly optimistic given the current downpours!) The messy dishevelled look means this style only gets better as the day goes on. If you fancy a longer plait with volume, add some clip in extensions.
What do you think? Who's got your green with envy?


  1. Stunning style, suits her really well too xx

  2. Oooh her hair looks gorgeous, I wish I could do "undone" without it looking like I forgot to brush my hair. I love Vicky B :-)

  3. She almost looks casual and relaxed for once! I need to learn how to do updo's/plaits but still have volume at the crown!

  4. Emma Watson makes me green with envy - she can pull off any look she tries.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done


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