Monday, 9 April 2012

Anne Hathaway loses locks for Les Mis'

The film adaptation of Les Miserables will be released this December, and a whole host of stars are lined up to play some of the characters in the tale of revolution and redemption. It's one of my favourite musicals.
Anne Hathaway is taking her role as Fatine very seriously, and was spotted this weekend with a very close crop haircut. Playing Fatine is a harrowing role, the factory working who turns to prostitution to help financially care for her daughter Cosette. Fatine desperate, sells her hair, and it appears Hathaway has taken her art to the extreme with an inch long cut. It's severe and shows the actresses desire to make her portrayal of Fatine as realistic as possible.
Whilst Anne has gone short before, which was with the help of a wig, this time there is no denying she's cut her hair. It's a very brave move for the actress, and I applaud her. Whilst she will be able to avoid any 'mullet' growth stage with an army of stylists, tooled up with wigs and extensions - I think cutting her hair short will help her feel vulnerable and really help build emotion and a connection with Fatine.
What do you think? If you were an actress would you cut for your art?
Have we got a new short hair hero to replace Emma Watson?

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  1. I'm not a massive fan of old-Anne, but I have to say, good on her! It takes a lots to chop all your hair off - even if you want to and it is a style statement -nevermind if it is for a role! xx


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