Sunday, 18 March 2012

Review: Regis Salon, Milton Keynes

Date: Saturday 10th March
Location: Regis, Milton Keynes
I was lucky enough to win £100 worth of hair services through a competition run on the Regis Facebook page. After exchanging emails back and forth, I was booked in for a colour and cut with one of the Creative Directors.
I made sure I went in for a patch test 48 hours before, and Leanne ensured I was fully aware of the reaction, and what to do if it occurred. She was thorough and confident, and I left feeling happy to return Saturday for the service.
Saturday came, and arriving a the salon I was shown to my seat, and Lee the stylist came over. He asked me what I was looking for, so I explained the colour I wanted. I showed him a picture and Lee said "As you don't wear your hair curly, it wouldn't work" This annoyed me as Lee had never done my hair previously, or asked how I wore my hair on a daily basis. I wear my hair straight, curly, up and generally change styles quite often. I explained I often wore my hair curly, and asked what he thought was best if the colour I wanted wouldn't work. Unfortunately Lee didn't seem as up-to-date on the trends as I would hope. I explained ombre and the look I wanted and we came to an agreement that Lee would colour my hair all over with a brown, then take sections and add blonde on the ends. I felt a bit uneasy that Lee didn't really seem confident in what he was doing at this point.
Whenever I go into a salon I never let them know I'm a qualified stylist. I like seeing how they'd treat me as a 'normal' client. However, if I felt at any point what they were offering was going to destroy my hair I'd speak up.
My sister had surprised me by coming up for the weekend, and booked herself in for a cut, and blowdry. She was seated next to me, and given Lisa as her stylist. Lisa was lovely, she spoke to my sister about not only her cut, but the colour and gave her some advice on the best products for her hair type. She even advised Crystal on wearing a fringe with glasses.
Towards the end of my cut and colour, Lee apologised about 'not being his usual self' and proceeded to tell me about the recent breakup of his relationship and other personal matters I'd rather not put in the review. Needless to say it left me feeling I couldn't say I wasn't entirely happy with the colour, so I just smiled, thanked him and left. This was my first experience with Regis, and unfortunately based on the service I wouldn't return. I understand that Lee may have been having a bad day, but working with the public, you sometimes have to put a brave face on. I have been styling hair in the past, and not had the best of days but you have to try and rise above it for your clients sake, having your hair done is seen as a 'treat' to many.
Hygiene is a key point for me. A salon should be clean, and tools and equipment clean and put away after each service. It's a basic lesson taught when you are training, nothing gives a better first impression than a clean workplace. Unfortunately, the station I was seated at had hair cuttings on the shelf and trolley (at 10am) and tools were left out. I watched as when stylists finished with clients, they'd sweep the floor, not moving the chairs and not wiping the stations. It was a shame as the overall look of the salon was modern and fresh, the sales displays were tidy and the reception organised.
When we got home, I, along with the help of Crystal, recoloured the ends of my hair to give me the look I was after. Luckily I could do this without worrying about ruining my hair, and as I wasn't as annoyed as I would have been should I have paid for the service. I just felt let down that after looking forward to getting my hair done, I could have just done it myself in the first place.
Not the Regis salon I attended, Google image

I emailed Regis customer service, and was asked to give my number, so that their regional business manager for the salon could give me a call. Not heard anything yet. I had wanted to put their response to the feedback I'd emailed and will of course follow up when I do hear back.


  1. What a great review and such a shame the result wasn't as you'd have hoped.
    I completely agree with you, no matter what a bad time you're having emotionally it should never reflect your work and definitely not shared with a stranger. x

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