Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Hair on your Carpet?...

Bizarre title? Let me explain, I used to shed hair a lot, there was enough in my hairbrush to make a wig, and I used to despair at the hair washing down the plughole on a daily basis. After colouring my hair red for a number of years and generally abusing my battered hair follicles I'd been left with dull, thin (you could see parts of my scalp when my hair was up) and pretty rubbish hair. Not the best advert for a hairstylist I'm sure you'd agree. I got rid of the red and turned over a new hair leaf, no more over colouring and over styling. I swear I could hear my hair squeal with delight...
My top tips for stopping the shed are;
  • Make sure you work on the inside to, give yourself a diet rich in iron and protein to help strengthen hair.
  • Don't wash hair using water that is too hot, go lukewarm for a relaxing, and cleansing wash.
  • Give it a rest - give your hair a day or two off. Pop it up or wear a hat, just avoid heat styling it.
  • Grab some vitamins if you need that boost, Holland & Barrett do a wide range of tablets that contain a range of goodies from Iron, to Zinc. I would recommend trying to enrich your diet with foods stuffed with all the goodness you'd need for your hair, but understand if you follow a particular diet or are a veggie it might not always be an option.
  • If you wear your hair in all manner of up do's, go easy with how tight you tie your hair up. Stress from using tightly pulled hairbands can cause tension and damage hair.
  • Keep your brushes in good condition. The tools you use on your hair will need to be in a good condition otherwise you could do more harm than good. Look out for broken teeth on combs, or bent and broken parts of your brushes.
  • If you find that you are treating yourself and your hair well, but still struggle with shedding, get an appointment with your doctor. It's worth checking you aren't suffering from an underlying condition.
I wrote about the hair stages we go through a little while back, and it's worth remembering that the hair that is at the root is new, whereas the length is essentially dead, and whilst there isn't an awful lot you can do to change the cycle in which your hair grows you can try to treat it well to avoid shedding hair through damage. Remember we lose up to 100 strands a day on average so don't fret!

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  1. Love this :) All good to know. My hair has had a huge amount of battering, but saying that it is in 'generally' good shape.
    I don't wash it every day, or do a lot to it at all expect for the weekends, but I do wear it up all the time at work.
    Brushing and washing my hair sheds it like mad though. I need to 'dye' it down a bit, haha! get me, it's a joke, I'm too funny ;)


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