Friday, 30 March 2012

Jessie J goes ombre...

The gorgeous Jessie J tweeted a picture yesterday with the caption 'Look I'm blonde' and showed off her new hair, a beautiful long do, with the dark colour merging into blonded ends. This is good dip-dye people, and they say ombre is dead. I didn't say it! They did! I think it's still going to be huge this year - with this softer variation of the look becoming popular.
The Voice coach has experimented with a number of different styles, and has dip-dyed the ends of her hair a range of colours, from purple to fiery red. I think she looks amazing with any style (her vintage style curls at the BRITS was another hit!) Whether it's extensions, or hairpieces, I love how she takes a risk and changes her hair to suit her mood. Although Jessie J lookalikes probably aren't as keen...
Maybe she took her inspiration from the amazing new Tonal Fusion Collection by Lisa Shepherd for Clynol Salon Exclusive. I love the seamless merge of colour, and the tones created using the Viton colour portfolio. 
What do you think? Is the two tone look for you?


  1. Jessie J looks unrecognisable there, much softer and prettier than usual. It's not a look for me but it can look good on others, like you!
    Have a fab weekend! x

  2. I love her hair like that. Like you say I know they say ombre is dead but it looks so fab on some people!


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