Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hair Envy: Drew Barrymore

Ever since I saw this picture of Drew Barrymore I couldn't get it out of my head. I love Drew, and think the dip dye look suits her to perfection. I know ombre hair is apparently "so done" but I think it's still going to be massive this summer with lots of variations being sported. I personally love the stronger colour contrast and prefer a dip dye look, rather than the softer balayage take on the trend.
I fancied a change from the blonde I'd been sporting for a while and decided this was it. Taking inspiration from Drew I now have hair like this...
I have to say, it took a while to get used to, and reactions have been varied - don't see a lot of ombre hair around the town I live in! The ends are a lot bolder when worn straight and I love wearing in plaits/braids to give an edge to my hair up styles.
An all over permanent colour was applied and the ends rubbed with a mixture of bleach and high lift tint to give me the contrast I was after. I coloured the ends myself after the stylist didn't fully understand what I'd asked (even with picture) Luckily I can do that without a problem but I would have been very disappointed if I couldn't. I reviewed the salon I went to so if you live in the Bedfordshire area please take a look.
What do you think? Whose giving you hair envy?


  1. I love Drew! Your hair looks great.

    Emma xo

  2. Drew's hair looks great, really relaxed and natural and so does yours. In our town it's still very much that Spice Girls era bleached blonde and black crop, hideous in the 1990s and no better now. x

  3. I'm reall tempted to go ombré with some pastel colours for summer, but I don't know if it would be such a good idea? This has renewed my temptation now :)

    Lea x

    1. Lea, you can use semi permanent to test the water before going for it permanently, think it'd look fab! :)


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