Monday, 19 March 2012

Get Shorty!

All hail short hair! You girls have cropped and won the battle, hair doesn't have to be long. Cute styles and sophisticated short cuts can look just as great as long hair.
I noticed recently that a lot of companies tend to use long hair when showing tutorials, with not much explanation for how to achieve the look on shorter styles. Whilst I understand the styles they are 'recreating' are often on long hair celebs it'd be nice to get a variation of how it'd work on shorter hair, along with an idea of hair tools that would work on short hair. I tweeted asking if ladies with short hair found this...

Top tool tips for short hair styling...
  • Avoid a large barrel tong if you want a curl, larger barrel tongs give more of a wave. A curling wand rather than a tong is fantastic as you can use the narrow tip for a tighter curl on short hair, or the slightly larger end for more of a wave.
  • Want some volume? Try crimping the underneath layers of the hair to give shorter styles a boost. The Babyliss Root Boost (click here to see my review) works well and is slim so easy to use on short hair.
  • Avoid large brushes, might sound like stupid advice, but if you use smaller brushes it's easier to get a handle on your hair. 
Cloud Nine have recently launched a mini version of their hugely popular wand, meaning the smaller size is perfect for short hair. Grab yours for beachy waves and gorgeous curls in an instant!
These celebs work short hair beautifully, from smooth styling to amazing texture there's a look for everyone. Whose your favourite short hair celeb?


  1. I so wish I was brave enough to go short but my long hair's my security blanket!

  2. This makes me want to ditch my hair extensions and flaunt my natural short hair (that never grows). Thanks for the inspiration<3

    Check out my blog is you have time?

    Lea x

  3. I have short hair now, for 3 years now I loved it and hated it (; but now I'm going back to long (shoulders long :) ) just to see how it looks. I hate the fase that comes between short and long but I really want to go trough with it just to see how it looks again (:


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