Thursday, 8 March 2012

Aussie: Virtual Styling Class

Wednesday night saw me sat infront of my laptop with towel dried hair eagerly awaiting Aussie & Eugene the stylist to teach me a big and bouncy curly style.
The newest idea from the aussome Aussie bunch for us Angels were the virtual styling classes where we got taught how to get 'gorge' (shiny, glossy and well-dressed hair) whilst being able to ask questions, and for any advice. You could even ask Eugene to repeat something if you need a little more explanation. All from the relaxing comfort of your own home (not that mine was that relaxing - football on, dogs clambering over me and a spag bol to cook!)
Angels taking part got a package of products delivered to help style them up. Mine included...

Aussome Texturising Conditioning Gel Spray 
Aussie say: Just spritz some of this spray into damp hair, work in and blow-dry 
I was really impressed with this product, I've never used it before, but after applying the mousse I sprayed this through my hair (concentrating on mid-lengths and ends) and found it left my hair with a great, beachy texture. It was still soft and I could rake my fingers through my hair. Definitely winner for summer hair!
Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse 
Aussie say: When it comes to volume, everyone’s got their limits. This mousse works on each strand of hair, letting you create your desired amount of va-va-voom
I have always been a big fan of Aussie mousse, the smell is incredible and it really conditions your hair. You do achieve volume and my hair is always full of bounce whenever I use this before blowdrying. Even a rough blowdry will still give your hair oomph!
Aussome Volume + Gloss Spra
Aussie say: We have added some Sea Kelp into this lightweight spray that loves volume and shine
Probably one of the best smelling hairsprays on the market. I prefer to use this as Eugene directed, either sprayed onto a brush, or a light spray to finish. I personally find the hairspray a little tacky when applied for serious hold. 
The end result was a gorgeous soft wave look that smelt and felt amazing. As the evening went on I found that whilst the waves dropped slightly it only added to the relaxed look which is great for summer. What do you think?
What do you think of virtual styling? Something you'd give a go?
Have you tried the Aussie products mentioned? Let me know your thoughts...


  1. You look gorgeous! I'm new to virtual styling. x

  2. This sounds like such a good idea! So jealous of all of you angels! And your hair looks gorgeous



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