Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Wonder of Wigs...

You can be a bobbed beauty one minute, then rock a Rapunzel look the next. Incredibly versatile and becoming more popular thanks to the designs and colours developing, a wig or hairpiece is no longer something  only Donald Trump would wear. I'm a big fan of wigs and hairpieces, anything that can give you a great new look, or just a renewed blast of confidence is OK with me, I have a variety of clip in extensions, wigs and hairpieces ready to add if I fancy a change.
Some of the best on the market have a good selection of items, and all at different price ranges. I've picked three of my favourites for price and range.
Annabelle's Wigs offer a huge selection of wigs, hairpieces and accessories to help you completely change your look, or just add a little something to it. The 3/4 wigs are amazing, they look and feel great! Has to be the easiest way to style your hair. Great colour range and good value, I'm a big fan.
Beauty Works have an extensive range of extensions, wigs and accessories. I love their fishtail braids, the perfect option if you struggle styling your hair. The clip in bows are also really sweet, perfect look for Spring. 
Wonderland Wigs have a fabulous array of styles, in a range of colours. You can get colourful extensions for a splash of colour, or if you fancy trying out a new length they have short and long styles to suit. The colourful and cosplay ranges are amazing, love the purple long wig with fringe, Katy Perry eat your heart out.

Have you tried any of the companies mentioned above? 
What are your thoughts on hairpieces? Wig-tastic or hair-rific?
(woeful puns I know!)


  1. What fantastic wigs! You know that I'm a fan, we even had a wig party before Xmas. x

    1. I've seen you and your wigs Vix, the wig party looked great fun. x

  2. I love that fishtail braid headband. I have a few clip-in hair pieces which are fun to wear and a clip-in fringe but I have yet to wear it in public! x

  3. I'm a big fan of hair pieces right now - i'm rarely without my doughnut to give a bit of oomph to my buns! x


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