Sunday, 5 February 2012

Top Trends for your Tresses!

Watching models work their way down the catwalk with some amazing styles, it's hard to imagine some making the leap to the humble high street. The four main trends emerging are embellished up do's, the big-blow out, wet-look hair and the simple but always cool ponytail. With a hint of retro styling thrown in for good measure thanks to The Artist.
So what works for you?

Adorn & Embellish your up do's...
Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Jason Wu incorporated pearls, cage barrettes and feathers all giving an up do an incredible twist. Whilst accessories last season were super-sized, this time they are more a part of the hair. This look is so easy to recreate, and can be left to the wearer on what they decide to choose. Metal accessories toughen up a chic bun, whilst pearls are a great addition to romanticize the hair - and is a nod to the underwater/mermaid trend seen on the catwalk.
The Big-Blow out...
Luxe, glam and definitely gives that 'ladies who lunch' look. This is a show-stopping style that gives the wearer bounce and volume Cheryl Cole would be envious of. This works well on ladies with long hair, but most face shapes can pull off the look. Chloe and Versace models glided down the catwalk with hair that gleamed. Using a round brush for a boost to the roots (lifting up and away from the head) and a volume-boosting mousse will give you super-style.
Working the wet-look...
I pondered the wet-look trend last week, it's a thin-line between looking great and um, looking like you've been caught in a storm. I love the look with dry ends to give a balance between the slick, shiny top and matte, textured ends. Chanel and Alexander Wang sent wet-look hair down the catwalk and it's been spotted on Keira Knightley, Heidi Klum and Megan Fox to name a few!
The not so Simple Ponytail
A ponytail isn't just a simple style to get your hair out of your face. It's become a catwalk staple the past few seasons and it's clear to see why. It's so versatile. From defined sections, to clipping the mid-lengths to the head you have a whole variety of options ready to try. Ponytails have featured heavily on models hair for shows from David Koma, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs. This is one trend that has staying power.
My favourite is definitely the embellished up do, I think adding silver and gold barrette clips will give a cool futuristic feel, you could even weave in some foil for a slice of textured metal in the hair.
What's your favourite? What trend will you be following this year?


  1. Fab post m'dear, I really like the adornment idea.

  2. I love those embellished up-dos and the intricate pony tails, far too complicated for my lack of skills, sadly! x


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