Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Lee Stafford ArganOil Miracle HeAT DeFenCE SPRaY

Everyone knows how much of a Lee Stafford fan I am, I think his vast range of products can give hair great results (and he's a nice guy too!)
I was given a stocking full of Lee Stafford goodies for Christmas (Andy knows me well, and now recognises the pink packaging!) and included was the Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray.
 Does it do what it promises?
A light-weight HeaT DeFenCe spritz for peace of mind when using heated styling tools. Protecting from the heat of hairdryers and other heated styling appliances, as well as helping straightening irons glide through your hair when styling. With Moringa Seed Extract, otherwise know as Miracle Tree, a multi tasking ingredient that helps keep hair squeaky clean, whilst encouraging natural shine. 
In a nutshell. Yes. Let me elaborate (anyone go into Vanilla Ice mode when hearing STOP, or elaborate/collaborate - just me, super) It stops hair being damaged from using heat, meaning that it's great for a before a blowdry, and when you use tongs or straighteners. As it contains Moringa Seed Extract it gives your hair great shine and I really found it more manageable. The ends didn't feel as dry, and it's light-weight so didn't make my hair feel heavy or flat.
Would I get it again?
Most definitely, whilst the price isn't that pocket friendly, the result more than makes up for it. My hair is just below my shoulders, and I squirt this liberally through my hair before drying, so the 200ml is lasting well. Combining Argan Oil with a heat defence spray is a genius idea as your hair gets protection and a nourishing treat at the same time. And as always, I LOVE the fragrance - it's that typical Lee Stafford product scent.

Price: £12.99 (although currently available on a 3 for 2 offer)
Available: Boots

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  1. The smell of this makes me wanna throw it in the thrashbin. If I have to use this as heat protectant I also feel like I have to spray perfume on after to neutralize the horrible smell. Dont you think this smells slightly horrible? Ah I cant even explain.. It just smells very very strong


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