Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hair History: Victoria Beckham

After seeing the most recent pictures of Mrs B, I thought it only right to showcase her hairstory over the years. She's definitely tried a few different looks. So follow me down a long-winding road of Spice Girls, babies and Goldenballs.
Victoria had the LBD and the bob, standing out from Ginger and Scary, and dubbed 'Posh Spice' It's amazing to see how much she has changed over the years.
We had the 'Spanish' influence when Becks played for Real Madrid, long curls and heavily highlighted hair. I think this is my least favourite Posh look. This defined the look of the 'wag' and I'm glad Victoria moved away from feeling the need to have a giant mane of hair.
We've seen some dramatic up do's, with hair tight and the lengths given a ribbon effect. Gorgeous styles, but I do prefer a slightly less 'done' look to balance the immaculate outfits we've come to expect from Victoria.
In 2006, Victoria's now infamous 'pob' haircut had thousands flocking to salons clutching a picture and wanting the sharp graduated bob cut. Definitely in the hair hall of fame alongside 'The Rachel'. The colour looked beautiful on Victoria and her hair looked in great condition.
She's dabbled with colour over the years, from some honey highlights to a full-blown peroxide dip when they moved over to the US. I actually can't believe how different Victoria looks, and whilst I quite like the redefined 'pob' on the left, I prefer a brunette look.
I love Victoria's hair short, I feel it really gives her a chic look and shows off her features. She originally went short in 1999, then returned to this look in 2008. She got a great reaction when she first showcased an Audrey Hepburn style crop.
At the moment Victoria has gone for a longer look, with shaggy layers and a fringe which I think looks great, one thing you can say about Victoria, she's not afraid of going short or leaving lengths long.
What's your favourite look Mrs B has sported? And did you copy her 'pob' style?


  1. I think VB's hair was the best when she had the bob in the 1st photo. That was when she got engaged to Beckham at that time and I thought she was stunning. The funny thing is I love long hair and hate short hair but her hair is much better in that style than long, xx

  2. That last picture doesn't look like her at all! Maybe it's just the angle though... I much prefer her shorter, darker styles. Xo

  3. I can't believe how different she looks! I like the "pob" style best and definitely prefer Victoria with shorter hair. x

  4. I love her shorter styles, and I love how she mixes up her looks. I'd say the pob was one of the most influential hairstyles since the Rachel.

  5. Love her bob and elfin cuts. I agree with you about the Wag hair, it wasn't classy or "posh" in the least! x

  6. I always like her hair and usually whatever is her latest look is my fave, at the moment, I'm loving the shaggy layers. It looks very healthy and has an effortless beachy vibe.

  7. Lot of love for Mrs Beckham! Let me know who you want to see next. :) Love doing hair histories, always love the comments.xx


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