Sunday, 1 January 2012

A look back at the hair year...

Happy New Year! I hope however you spent your New Year you enjoyed yourself. I've spent today eating a gorgeous roast dinner, writing in my new diary and watching Sherlock. How have you spent yours?
As we've seen the last of 2011, I thought I'd sum it with some of my favourite celebrity styles. 2011 saw a year of change for many, with some new looks and the emergence of some interesting trends.
Candyfloss hair - Seen on Katy Perry, Amelia Lily and Fearne Cotton to name but a few, pastel hues were a huge hit. What colour will appear next year I wonder?
Vintage Stylings - Adele has helped (along with some super strength hairspray!) to keep beehives popular. And along with some gorgeous red carpet styles it means we've all been looking to times gone by to style our hair. One 'trend' I really hope we continue to see.
Fake it - 2011 seemed to be the year of the extension or hairpiece. If you didn't have it, you could cheat it. With such a variety of realistic looking hair extensions appearing on the market (even one of the TOWIE girls has launched her own range!) at a more achievable price it meant we could all go from a bob to boob length locks in no time at all.
And finally, top knots, they have powered through the year, either being slick and controlled or left with texture for a more disheveled look, we love the humble bun. I must admit this is my favourite style, and classically timeless and adaptable for any occasion.
What are your top hair trends of 2011? 
And which would you rather see banished to the depths of hair hell?


  1. Happy New Year, Kel!
    Not keen on hair extensions but yes to candy coloured hair, beehives and topknots! x

  2. Beehives are timeless. Love top knots but can't seem to work it on my own head!!

  3. Love Adele's beehive! I do like the candyfloss shades too, but when they fade... not so much. My top trend would be the top knot - just wish I could do one myself!

    Happy New Year Kel x

  4. Love the pink hair - Starting to see so much of it though, getting sickening! x


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