Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The long and short of men's hair...

Do you have a type? 
Do you swoon over Russell Brand and his long hair? 
Or prefer a closer crop on Justin Timberlake?
In ancient Greece, long hair on men was a sign of power & wealth with gods and heroes leading the way. Warriors cut their hair short at the front and left the back long - wanting to avoid any 'hair pulling' in battle. And I remember learning in school about the Cavaliers and Roundheads - the latter preferring short hair, seeing the Cavaliers as 'lecherous' with their long flowing locks. 
The 60's and 70's brought hippies and The Beatles, meaning bowl cuts and long hair were king. Didn't matter what camp you fell into, there was a style for all. And if you didn't know which to go for, the 80's brought the mullet. Short or long? Who knows.
Which looks better on these gentlemen?
Personally, I love a shorter, slightly scruffy look. 
Aidan Turner please never change your hair...
What's your favourite style on a man?


  1. I never paid much attention to Brad Pitt until I saw him with his cropped hair and 1970s wardrobe in Fight Club.
    Much as I like proper hippy blokes men in the public eye rarely suit the look, far too contrived and try-to-hard. x

  2. I used to prefer a long haired man, but now it's short hair all the way... apart from Aidan Turner as well - he simply has the perfect male hair! xx

  3. Will always be short hair for me...don't like long hair on blokes. General rule of thumb - if his hair is longer than mine it is a no-no. Which was tricky when most of my head was shaved!) xx

  4. Not really keen on long hair on guys but the above pull the look off perfectly!!

  5. I like it short and choppy on men. Although that being said, if i'm hanging out by the beach (obviously a very rare occurrence living in London!) I am partial to a bit of longer tousled sun-kissed hair on a man. Happy New Year! xx


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