Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hair Expertise Ever by L'Oreal Paris

Date: 10.01.12
Place: The Mayfair House
Purpose: Find out more about the new Hair Expertise range from L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris have created a brand new hair expertise range, using gorgeous natural ingredients such as rosemary, juniper and sunflower extract. And with a non-sulphate and gentle cleansing system it'll give your hair the care it needs after the daily abuse we put it through. With three ranges you can find one to tackle hair problems such as fragile & brittle hair (EverStrong), coloured hair (EverPure) or if you find you suffer with frizzy hair (EverSleek)
The lovely Chris Appleton (part of the L'Oreal team) recommended I try the EverStrong range. As I colour my hair, but find it struggles to grow and generally needs a little pick me up, this range is perfect for a in salon experience at home. I found the shampoo lathered well and left my hair feeling clean but moisturised. The treatment was amazing, as the EverStrong range contains rosemary and juniper it gave my hair a natural boost, and really refreshed my scalp and hair. I'm currently on the Aussie challenge, but this shampoo will definitely be next on my list, with a full review to follow.
One big and glam blow dry later and I was ready for my close up. Just a shame I only had strangers on the train home to impress...
The Hair Expertise range will be launched in February, with prices between £5.99-£7.99. You can pick yours up from Boots. There will also be a heat defense spray and shine serum for the EverPure & EverSleek range meaning you can give your hair the full treatment from wash to go.
Do you think your hair would benefit from the EverStrong, EverPure or EverSleek range?

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by L'Oreal Paris, this in no way sways my opinion on the product


  1. Hey Kelly, this product looks interesting, thanks for sharing! Do you know if the product is made with only natural ingredients? xx

    1. Hey Clara,
      The range isn't 100% natural, however it is 100% sulphate free and contains lots of lovely natural ingredients.
      There is more info on the website if that helps...


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