Monday, 30 January 2012

Fake a fringe...

To fringe or not to fringe? That is the question!
Kim Kardashian was spotted New Years eve sporting a heavy fringe. But a few days later it had gone.
*dum, dum, dum*
The case of the disappearing fringe!
So had Kim had second thoughts about cutting in a fringe (we've all done it) and pinned it out the way? Or had she faked it using a clip in fringe (which for some reason always make me think of a merkin)
I am a huge fan of hair pieces and accessories to help boost what god gave you. As long as they are sourced in an ethical way and don't get cost the earth what's the harm in making more of your hair. There are plenty of places to pick up a clip in fringe if you fancy a change, I picked mine up from Ebay (link to seller) it arrived quickly, didn't cost the earth and there was a brilliant range of colours. What do you think?


  1. I've been thinking about getting a fake fringe for ages and I think you've convinced me! I'm off to check out eBay now! I'm also really interested in the Bardot hair pieces for an instant beehive without the damage of backcombing! X

  2. I can never decide whether to fringe or not. I do have a bit of a cowlick at the front and my hairdresser did not seem too convinced when I raised the fringe issue with her. So many people have told me to try a fake one, I'm not sure why I haven't yet . . !

  3. haha - love the moving picture! I take it the colour wasn't a good match, is that why we've got a black and white pic? I like the idea of the clip-in fringe, but am yet to see one that is really convincing. Think you pull it off quite well though xx

    1. Hehe, it's a good match, however my roots are terrible at the moment so it was black and white FTW. :) Getting them done Thurs (finally!)

  4. You look great. I suppose clip ins are a great way to test a look & avoid a meltdown at the salon haha. I've always wonder what I'd look like with a full fringe, but I know the feeling in my forehead would annoy me too much! Xo

  5. I'm tempted to try one of these as I really want to try a fringe but worried it will make me look a bit mental/special so think fakery is the way to go....


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