Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Times gone by: Up do stunners...

As you all know I love hair up. I could gaze for hours at images of beautifully created curls and intricate up do's. With that in mind I thought I'd share some of my favourite hairstyles of times gone by. I think that whilst glamorous up do's are making a comeback it'll never match the shine and sophistication of some of the gorgeous styles I've seen. Some of the Hollywood starlets had some seriously lovely hair going on...
Elizabeth Taylor. A true Hollywood great, I am in equal amounts jealous of; her hair, eyebrows and jewellery collection. This style looks fantastic on brides, or for a high impact look that will definitely get you noticed. The jewelled headpiece can be changed to suit the occasion, or the hairstyle can be left to simply shine on it's own. What do you think?
Audrey. Simple, chic and elegant. Audrey has such a beautiful face shape and suits wearing her hair away from her face. This would be lovely for a glamorous night out.
And finally Vivien Leigh, the two styles below are just amazing, I love how structured they are yet hold a softness. I particularly love the style on the right, classic and wearing the hair up really shows off the detailing on the collar and shoulders.
If you are heading out for a Christmas party wearing your hair up can avoid that end of night slightly dishevelled look. Use a super strength hairspray (at the moment I'm using Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray) to help keep it in place, and always pop some emergency grips in your bag.
Who's your favourite up do stunner? And do you love the old school glamour? 


  1. Elizabeth Taylor was an absolute beauty, wasn't she? It's the earrings I'm lusting after here. x

  2. Love love love this. Wish my hair was long enough for a sexy updo...xx

  3. The elizabeth taylor do is beautiful, especially with all the added jewels!

  4. I absolutely love Audrey's here.


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