Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Review & Giveaway: Tassi-tastic!

Ever watch the adverts on TV for face wash and see the models enthusiastically splashing their faces with water and wish it was you? Or maybe your fringe keeps getting in the way of your make up in the morning? If so the Tassi may be the answer...
The Tassi is a fabric 'holder' for your hair. Unlike clips or head bands this won't squish your hairstyle meaning you can pop this on whilst doing your make up, or if you want to wash your face this is great at holding your hair.
It's a bit like a shower cap, but a rather stylish one. Mine, well it's leopard print naturally (I know, I know, it's a problem! Check out the matching dressing gown though! Styling.) and it's waiting for me when I do my make up in the morning, and when I scrub my face at night. It's made from terry cloth so is soft and comfortable to wear, and because it's elasticated you won't be struggling fastening the Tassi.
If you fancy buying one for a Christmas gift they are currently on sale at Just Beauty Direct. You can also pick them up from a few other places, have a look on the Tassi site for more info. I think they are a great gift idea, and I love the little taglines on the top of the packaging.
And because I think this would make a great stocking filler this Christmas, I'm giving two away! For your chance to win either a Pink polka dot or zebra print Tassi, just follow my blog via GFC or Bloglovin (let me know which one!) and leave your email below along with the completed following sentence.
"I think I deserve to get Tassi-tastic because..."
Giveaway closes 18th December, and is open to international and UK followers. I'll pick two winners at random, and email once choosen. 
Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


  1. Enter me please! I follow via GFC.
    I think I deserve to get Tassi-tastic because it's a million times nicer than the tatty old hairband I use to keep my hair out of the way at the moment! And I love zebra print.

  2. OH how fab, I love animal print anything! I follow via GFC and "I think I deserve to get Tassi-tastic because.....I can tuck my pin curls underneath when washing my face and keep them safe from splashes!''

  3. whoops! Got so excited that I forgot my email! x

  4. I follow via GFC.

    I think I deserve to get Tassi-tastic because anything that helps me be less hair hopeless first thing in the morning is a must have in my life.



  5. "I think I deserve to get Tassi-tastic Poundland Zebra print shower cap is over a year old looking a bit tatty round the edges."

    Gorgeous things, especially on you.

  6. These look fab!

    I follow your blog by GFC.

    I think I deserve to get Tassi-tastic as they look a hell of a lot better than my current method of pushing my glasses up onto my head and hoping that it will hold my hair back!

  7. My head band always dents my hair, so these would be fab!

    I think I deserve to get Tassi-tastic because as a fellow hair lover you'll understand the annoyance of having a long side swept fringe in the way, constantly getting covered in foundation etc!

    Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck every one :) xx

  8. I deserve to get tassi-tastic as I am about to move 500 miles away for my first nursing job, and could do with something to cheer me up!

    Anna x

  9. I think I deserve a Tassi-tastic because I always end up dying my hair a shade of foundation when applying my make up, or end up ruining hours of styling with big crocodile clips! Plus the tassi is pretty sexy! xx


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