Friday, 9 December 2011

Dear Auntie Aussie....

My hair has been misbehaving. Winter has sent it into a dry, flyaway mess. We seem to be falling out on a regular basis.
I know Aloe Vera is supposed to help, but I'm worried I just can't get enough of the stuff.
Please help...
Kelly, 27
Dear Kelly,
Firstly, winter can be a tough time for hair. With the change in temperature and central heating playing havoc on your tresses it's not hard for splits to appear.
I'd suggest using Aussie Miracle Moist in their new LARGER size bottles. With a whopping 500ml in the shampoo and a dry-end busting 400ml in the conditioner you'll be back to BFF's in no time.                              Much Love, Auntie Aussie
Slightly scary? Meet Auntie Aussie
Let me explain lovely readers, Aussie are at it again, helping us get the most from our hair, using some ingredients nature gave us. Keep an eye on the counter at the top of the blog, this is going to let you all know just how much use you can get from the bigger bottles. 
I'll be keeping a diary and letting you know on a regular basis how I get on, and if you follow me (or Aussie) on twitter you'll no doubt see styles created by me and the other gorgeous Angels if you search #Aussiemore.

Have you tried the bigger bottles yet? What's your favourite Aussie product?


  1. I LOVE Auntie Aussie! Can't wait to try out the bigger bottles, they look fab! x

  2. wow, they are huge! Looking cute though! xx


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