Thursday, 10 November 2011

Too old to be Rapunzel?

Who decided that once you hit 60 it's all Blue rinses and short hair?
Why is there one style fits all?
Being the nosey person I am, I couldn't help but overhear some ladies chatting on the train recently, one was discussing getting her hair cut short. This ladies hair was well below shoulder and a gorgeous Auburn colour, when asked why she was getting it cut she said "I think I'm just getting too old for it"
When did there become age limits for cuts? 
"Want a bob?...oh you're 40, I'm afraid you can't"
"Can I see some ID please, otherwise no layers for you!"
A good cut can be flattering at any age, depending on face shape and hair texture. There are some styles that are classed as 'old' or 'too young', now don't me wrong I don't particularly want to see my nan with a mohawk dyed Pink (although she would totally rock it - she's amazing!) but we can break the rules right?
And it's not just cuts, colours needn't have age restrictions, Lady GaGa, Kelly Osbourne, and Pixie Geldof are just some young celebs who have decided that Grey hair can work for them.
Why get stuck in an age rut thinking you are too old for a short Red crop or too over the hill for long beachy waves. Style your hair to suit you, your lifestyle and how you want to look - life's too short to worry about fitting into your age group, although can I please request anyone over 10 avoids pigtails, especially high ones with ribbon. :)
Do you break the hair rules?
Or do you think there should be an age limit on certain styles?


  1. Well said. I can't be doing with age related rules with regards to clothes and hair. If you feel happy with the way you look then you'll look good.
    The worst thing I ever did was have my unruly waist length locks cut to shoulder length on a whim, they'll be long until I'm on my death bed now. x

  2. according to hair styles, length and colors diffidently there's no certain age

  3. I say break the rules! As long as your hair is healthy it can be anything you want.


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