Saturday, 19 November 2011

Teeze me, Teeze me, Teeze me, Teeze me baby...

(Hopefully you've all got a bit of classic Chaka Demus and Pliers in your head now)
When Shaun P presented the Tangle Teezer to the Dragon's they saw it as a 'hair brained' idea. Not being put off, and realising that your hair was in need of a helping hand when it came to detangling he launched the Tangle Teezer range and the rest is a knot free history.
I've been using the original styler for a few weeks now, and can honestly say I am amazed that my hair isn't shedding as much. After washing my hair, I religiously use a detangling comb from Boots, and whilst this reduced hair damage and breakage, the Tangle Teezer has all but eliminated that handful of hair I got when combing through. It is also great for brushing out up do's and when you've backcombed your hair.
My only improvement would be grip. As I use it to detangle my damp hair, some rubber grips on the side would work well to stop me launching it across the room (and almost into the mouth of a playful dog!) It would also be great if the Original Teezer came with a guard for storage, I've kept the box to avoid damaging bristles which would make it less effective.
I am total Tangle Teezer fan, and think they'd make a great Christmas gift (Yeh, I went there! Christmas talk!) There are a whole variety of colours too choose, and you can also get this brilliant Compact Styler. Which is a must in your handbag after getting blown sideways by the blustery Winter weather. You can also use it for giving your hair a day to night transformation by using it to gently backcomb hair.
The Original Teezer is £10.20, and the Compact Teezer is £12.24, which if you break it down by cost per use works out as a good deal. Look after your hair and it'll show, detangling using a Tangle Teezer gives the hair a good start.
Have you got a Tangle Teezer? What do you think?


  1. that looks like a really good idea actually! I always find its quite difficult to untangle knots with a massive paddle brush so that might be perfect! x

  2. I am such a tramp, I don't ever really brush my hair, but one of these might be a good idea!

  3. I've often looked at these in Boots. Thank you, I now know what I can ask for when mates ask if I want anything for my birthday! x

  4. I'm a total convert to Tangle Teezer, at first I was like "how can it really be THAT different to a normal brush" but it is! I agree that some sort of grip would be handy though, I do have a tendency to drop it sometimes!

  5. I really need one of these. I only brush my hair properly once a week but I need to start being a bit kinder to it! x


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