Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Snip #26

Good morning lovely readers! I hope your weekend has been fun filled so far, any news to share?
Last night was my birthday night out with the girls, so this Sunday Snip comes to you slightly bleary eyed. It's not my birthday till Tuesday, but I tend to make it a week long celebration. Worse than the Queen! Don't think she's got moves like this though...
Handy Hint
This weeks handy hint comes fresh from the pages of More! Magazine. I am part of the Beauty Hot 100 and gave the More! readers some handy hints when it comes to hair. Click the pictures to zoom. Nice to say I've been in More! and not for the 'position of the fortnight' as some rude boys asked.
Product of the Week
I know it's not a hair product, but I really have to mention something that has helped change my skin for the better lately. I've been suffering from hormonal break outs, and some nasty spots. My skin just wasn't itself. I picked up this Tesco Cucumber Facial Scrub and what a difference it's made! And the best bit, it's only 80p! Not even a £1!! Bargain. Have any of you tried supermarket brands for your beauty regime?

Celeb Hair of the Week
Kelly Rowland has definitely "put it down" lately when it comes to hair. It just goes to show, if you haven't got it naturally, wearing wigs, weaves and extensions can boost your look. Do you boost your natural hair by using hairpieces?
Right, time for paella and some corn on the cob. Have a great evening you lovely lot.


  1. Congratulations on getting in More magazine - love those tips! x

  2. congrats on getting more, i enjoyed reading your tips :) xoxo

  3. Congratulations on the More thing and happy birthday for Tuesday!:) I think, I might try the Lavender Oil trick for hair growth!

  4. Looking seriously slinky in that frock, Kel, all that hard work in the gym's definitely paid off! x

  5. So good to find a blog dedicated to hair - just stumbled across it!


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