Saturday, 26 November 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend!...

If you've been reading the blog for a while you will know I love dogs. Andy and I have a lovely Red Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Holly, who is 7, and we lost Dozer our Black staffy last year, which devastated us both. They aren't pets to me, they are members of the family. They become part of the 'pack' and their characters ensure your house is full of laughter and love. I understand not everyone loves staffies, and due to the negative press they receive some are afraid of them, however with a sensible owner and training, a staffy can be a loving, gentle and kind dog.
We hadn't been looking for another dog, but as fate would have it, Percie just needed a home. And who could say no to this little face...
 And Holly is loving her new companion, another accomplice for when she purloins the bin contents after a Sunday dinner no doubt!
Can you spot the Percie?!
So say hello to Percie! He will be the star of the show on a new video I'm putting on my YouTube channel if you want to find out more about him, and the two of them will be blogging over at What's a Dog to do? if you fancy following what they are up to...


  1. aww how cute :) i had a staffy growing up she was the best, calmest dog ever :) we have a goldern retrever now but id love another staffy :)

  2. Aw they're so cute!! I'm such a dog lover, staffies are lovely too, I keep pestering my boyf to get a dog but he's never had a pet so is taking some convincing...

  3. Awww they're so cute together! I love dogs but we aren't allowed them in our house.


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