Monday, 7 November 2011

Salon Secrets...

I had my hair cut and coloured on Saturday, as an early birthday treat and went to a local salon to try out their services.
Firstly I'll admit, I was a little sneaky and didn't tell them I was a qualified stylist, and self confessed hair geek. I generally don't when I'm in a salon as I like them to treat me like any other client. And it's interesting to see what 'advice' they give to a 'normal' client.
To start with we discussed the colour I wanted, I asked for two colours in a T section through the top to freshen my existing colour. And was helped to choose the two most suited for a natural looking, easy maintenance colour. Now onto the cut! I explained what I wanted, and was advised layers would be great for some shape, so making sure I let the stylist know (by showing him exactly where I wanted the layers to sit) we went ahead. I kept my side fringe and made sure the length whilst given a healthy trim wasn't too much. Showing them what you think an inch is, is important, and makes sure you are on the same page.
I'll admit I was given some good advice with regards to conditioning and looking after my hair, however the sell, sell, sell mantra was definitely in place. I was told I needed a certain type of shampoo and conditioner, a Brazilian blow dry and some TIGI products (one of which was for brunette hair which is strange as I'm blonde!)
So what advice can I give if the salon scares you?

  • Don't be bullied into having a style or colour you aren't 100% on. If they think a fringe would look amazing on you, but you really don't want one. Don't do it.
  • They will try and offer products used, or recommended. It isn't compulsory to buy these, and you can often get the products online for a cheaper price. 
  • If you aren't happy with the end result, speak up! Salons don't want you going away with a negative feeling, and would rather you mentioned if something is wrong. 

I was really happy with my final style, and got a big bouncy blow dry which accentuated my natural wave. Unfortunately, the salon fell at the last hurdle, they bad mouthed my previous cut & colour with another stylist/salon. That is such a massive no no in my eyes, I don't want people in the same industry to feel the need to critique others work in front of me, it makes me feel uncomfortable and I find it unnecessary. Have you ever experienced this?
I'm not going to name and shame the salon, as I don't feel that's my place to do so, however it gave me an idea of how some of you can feel when going to the hairdressers. Stay strong and stand your ground! And share your thoughts about salons below...


  1. I once had a stylist slag of my cut from before, not realising that it was the girl stood next to her that cut it previously!!

  2. I've had this and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I don't want to be paying to sit in a salon only to be told my hair is basically crap! I think it's really unproffessional. I love tigi products, but you can pick them up so much cheaper online.

  3. I've had the opposite to this happen to me! When we were teenagers I cut my friend's hair for her and it didn't turn out too bad... a couple of weeks later we got our hair highlighted at the Vidal Sassoon school (bargain) and the trainer started gushing about what a great haircut my friend had! When she said it was me who cut it, the trainer said I should train as a hair stylist. I never have done, but I can still do a passable diy haircut, even on myself! Maybe I'll have a career change at some point...

  4. Oh my god Charli that is awful! What did the stylist say?

    @Missy Vintage Totally right, and agree about TIGI products, much much cheaper online. They smell so good!

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog Ooh get you! Good work! Definite change of career I think. :)

  5. I'm going for an overhaul of my hair at the weekend - the colour is looking a bit overprocessed and I haven't had it cut in about a year. After months of trial and error (at various disappointing salons) I've found a hairdresser I like that I'm confident I can trust to do what she thinks is best in confunction with what I want. Plus she's really nice too! I just wish it wasn't so expensive...£94 is a lot of money!

  6. Great advice Kelly! I really liked hearing about your experience as a stylist in the chair.
    I know a lot of my readers are nervous about going to the salon so I wrote about this recently too.


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