Saturday, 12 November 2011

Rainbow Brite for the night...

Bit of a reoccuring theme lately, me and dressing up. The latest was to celebrate Kristie's 30th, the theme 'When I Grow Up' Which I thought was great as it was broad and could be adapted to anything. I had a children hero was I younger. Rainbow Brite. That girl was everything I wanted to be, she had a horse, sparkles and a star on her cheek...and got to dress in rainbows daily, pretty special in my eyes! 
All the outfits I searched for online seemed, well, for want of a better word, slutty. So I made my own, sourcing the dress from Tesco (with some added cotton wool!) and socks from a local fancy dress shop (who didn't have a clue who Miss. Brite was!) The belt was created by me also, along with the hair clip. This was the result, rainbow-tastic!
The party was great, everyone made a real effort. From lollipop ladies to bananaman, with a ghostbuster and a rock star thrown in for good measure! The picture above is the birthday girl, and my gorgeous friend Annie - along with me!
Rainbow Brite loves a cider!
I feel a little tired today, so it's a relaxing day - after I've battled the gym! I'm planning a post all about what I'm getting up to at the gym for you soon, if you guys are interested and either go to the gym or are thinking about a healthier lifestyle. 
What did you want to be when you grew up?


  1. Aww your rainbow outfit is lovely :) I love rainbows <3 When I wanted to be a spice girl! lol xoxo

  2. You look absolutely stunning Kel - your skin is glowing! Love the Rainbow Brite outfit - the cotton wool was a great idea! x

  3. Amazing outfit! I also loved Rainbow Brite when I was a little girl! x

  4. You look beautiful! I think you should rock that look more often. x

  5. Thank you guys! And Vix, don't tempt me - loved being Rainbow'd up! :)

  6. Oh that's just amazing. You really, really suit it!

  7. Bloody marvellous Kel - love it - good creative work! I wanted to be a disney princess. Good times x

  8. omg, i'd forgotten all about rainbow brite, i used to love her!! Awesome idea!! :)


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