Thursday, 24 November 2011

MerCurios - Taking me to the stars...

For my birthday I wanted a piece of jewellery that was personal to me, and different. I love wearing unusual, chunky jewellery. The bigger the better! MerCurios is Mary Jo, an extremely talented lady whose designs are bold, big and beautiful. I could have easily bought the whole shop - and definitely will be looking for another purchase in the future.
I chose the Silver Double Banner Ring and had it customised with 'Ad astra per aspera' along with a little star stamp. This phrase means a lot to me, and helps me realise that even though life and the challenges we face can be difficult at times, with hard work you can achieve your dreams. I also believe that people I loved and are sadly no longer with us are the stars that watch over me in the sky and keep an eye on the path I take, so this is a little nod to them.
After discussing what I wanted with Mary Jo, who is incredibly quick at getting back to queries and questions, I went ahead and ordered. As it's a custom order it took a bit longer to create but I'm so happy with the result. My favourite piece of jewellery hands down (apart my engagement ring) What do you think?
The timing of this post is pretty perfect as the lovely Alex is having a giveaway where you could win one of these rings! Head over and have a look, and also give her a follow, she has got some great shoes and is generally a great read.
What would you have on your jewellery?
Or have you already got an amazing item from MerCurios?


  1. Aw Kel, this is lovely. My english teacher wrote that quote on my leavers tshirt from high school, it's always stuck with me and I think that ring is absolutely beautiful :) Need to check MerCurios out! xx

  2. You know how much I love MJ's stuff. I think this is just beautiful - design and message.

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