Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hair Hero: Patrick Cameron

Patrick Cameron is well known in hair world as the King of the up do. He can transform a long mane into a work of art with a brush and some pins. Most hairdressers you speak to will have bought a DVD, or book with Patrick taking them through the styles he creates. The man's a brand, you can buy hair pads, brushes, and even train at the Patrick Cameron school.
Arriving in England from New Zealand in 1987, he has worked closely with Wella, becoming the best in up do's and creating stunning styles many stylists take inspiration from. I love the high octane glamour and sophistication Cameron creates with his styles, they look so intricate and polished - very Hollywood old school glamour.
He launched his latest collection Club Noir, at Salon International 2011, you can see the video below, definitely worth a watch if you want to pick up some hints and tips...
What do you think of Patrick Cameron and his beautiful up do's? Show stopping glam or what!


  1. Oh, the very last do is so beautiful! I am always envious of lovely up dos - I am hopeless with hair!! xo

  2. Gorgeous! Sharon Blain is the updo queen in Australia, especially for wedding and glamour hair. I think you'd like her work.

  3. wow, the first and last are my faves. Wish I could figure out how to create that first one - it looks like a half french braid but twisting instead...any ideas?! x


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