Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hair Envy: Emma Stone

This lady has been on my hair radar for a while now. And it's not just her hair I'm jealous of, she's got to play the love interest of Ryan Gosling which is enough to make most of us green with envy.
The shades have varied but the colouring really suits her complexion, and I think the style is very versatile. She can change her fringe from sweeping to a parted look. And the up do's I've seen are glamorous yet have a hint of a relaxed feel about them. I also have lip envy going on, she knows how to pick a lip-shade to suit. Gorgeous!
I can't believe she was blonde. I definitely prefer her with gorgeous Auburn tones. 
What do you think? And who's giving you hair envy this month?


  1. I love Emma Stone, she's so cute she can do any colour but I think she looks best as a redhead.

  2. Definitely prefer her with red hair, she looks gorgeous x

  3. I'm not sure who she or Ryan Gosling are without Googling them but I love her red hair. The blonde looks pretty but the red really stands out. x

  4. Ooh Vix, hover over Ryan's name and there's a link to his beautifulness. :)
    Think Red is winning, she is a beauty that can suit most shades though.

  5. I know she's a natural blonde, but the red hair looks so nice on her.

  6. I have a major girl crush on Emma Stone - and much prefer her with 'red' hair rather than blonde, which seems so dull in comparision! xx

  7. I love red, but not brave enough to take the plunge!

  8. envying her hair too! nice blog, girl.

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