Thursday, 6 October 2011

Scissors, Studs and a little time...

I love changing clothes and accessories to look a little different from the rest, after all who wants to turn up wearing the same top, or shoes as someone else. I've shown you these shoes before, but my DIYing didn't stop there.
I bought these studs from Ebay and got to work on giving my already changed shoes more of a fierce look. I punched a hole in the fabric, then screwed the stud on. Simple, yet I love the result, although my fingers took a battering from pushing the studs in. You definitely wouldn't want to be crossing feet with me wearing these...
Also, I got scissor happy on a t-shirt I bought in the Jukupop sale. It's a mens t-shirt but for £4.00 (P&P is free) you can't go wrong. I took the collar off, and also the sleeves. I can't wait to layer this up in Winter with a chunky cardi, black skirt and heavy boots. I also think it'd look great tucked into a spotted pencil skirt with heels. What do you think?
So that's my crafty cravings settled for a while. What's the latest item you've changed? Do you love to DIY?
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  1. Loving those shoes, very Kandee shoes indeed, and i've not doubt at a fractino of the cost!! xx

  2. You are clever! I love both transformations and would wear both in a flash! x

  3. wow love these!! those shoes are awesome and that t is fab :o) xx

  4. Oh lovely! Love the shoes, they look fab with those studs. I am hopeless at customising clothes! x

  5. The shoes look fab, great way to update them! x


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